Does This Make Me An Enabler?

I walk into the semi-darkened room to find this..and sorry for the blurry pic, but he had just raised his head from inside the shoe.  I think he has a problem.

And it’s not the first time I’ve found Bugsy, the Insane in a compromising position with someone’s shoes. 

His attraction to my husband’s shoes is so bad that none of hubby’s shoes ever hit the floor.  I find them on barstools, the raised hearth, in boxes…of course, putting them in the closet never occurs to him.

Still he does his part to help Bugsy avoid temptation, while I just leave my shoes anywhere.    I think I’m enabling him.

We both need help.






Posted on May 29, 2012, in Guess You Had to Be There, Maybe I'm The Only One Who Thinks This Is Funny, Random Crap and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. You’re fine. Bugsy needs help.

  2. Yes. Stop putting catnip or feet sweat in the shoes…. do they have a feline rehab near you?


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