What the Hell?

For those of you wondering about my lack of presence lately…..

Daddy is in the ICU, acute respiratory failure due to aspiration pneumonia….

Between work and hospital, no time for anything else.

And, my funny bone’s broken.

I’ll be back…someday.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting some repeats over the next couple of weeks. 

I apologize for the redundant redundancy, but these days I’m lucky to remember to put on pants before leaving the house in the morning.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear that. I hope he recovers without too much damage.

    • No, that’s not in the cards apparently. Will be signing the order to terminate life support this afternoon. 😦

      • Too bad. I and my siblings had to make the same decision for my dad 20 years ago. Although I knew it was the correct decision, it didn’t lessen the pain one bit.

        One tip:

        When they disconnect whisper your goodbye in his ear. Hearing is the very last to go.

        My dad was holding on a while after he was disconnected and my sister whispered into his ear, “It’s O.K. Daddy you can go now. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be O.K.” He went a few seconds after that and we all broke down.

  2. Oh Dennis, I’m so sorry for your loss. I have whispered much into Daddy’s ear these past few days. We removed the bi-pap machine yesterday and put him on regular oxygen. This morning (Wednesday) he is still with us.

  3. Not a loss you ever fully recover from unfortunately, you merely adjust and continue.

    Don’t stop whispering in his ear. I am convinced he need it.

  4. Oh CJ, I’m so sorry sweetie. Words just aren’t enough but they’re all I’ve got. Those and virtual hugs. Consider yourself hugged. And remember to take care of yourself in the midst of this.


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