I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Hey, how y’all been?

What’s new in your world?

Me?  I’m okay…still giggling over the letter I got from the Social Security Administration.

They’re terribly sorry about the loss of my father, but umm…could I send them back the meager amount they deposited in his account on the third of June?

Awful sorry to ask, but you know he didn’t live the entire month of June so yeah we need that money back.

If I thought I’d be able to remain civil I’d call, but I do know my limitations.

Instead I’m going to send back a letter and tell them I’m awfully sorry about their financial issues, but Daddy has exactly $169 left in his account, and his “estate” consists of a box of old photographs, so if they think there’s any money to be returned they’re sadly mistaken.

I’m still awaiting the statements from the hospital…you know the ones that list all the charges and the “Amount Due” at the bottom?   Yeah, those ought to be good for a few laughs for sure.

Everything else that’s coming in I’m writing “Deceased – June 19, 2012” and sending back. 

I guess we’ll see if the government can get money from a dead person.

Lord knows enough of them vote with the government’s blessing.


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  1. I can see the humor in this.. ask them if the can get blood from a stone while you’re at it. It’s good to “see” you back again.


    Some also have won elections.

  3. If they push the issue I’m sending them a shovel and telling them to go talk to Dad himself.

  4. Welcome back! I remember hearing a story (uncertain of its veracity) about a surviving daughter or son forwarding the bills to the cemetery. I like the shovel idea better though!

  5. So glad you are back! I must say I missed your musings, but certainly understood the need to focus on the home front. I am sorry for the loss of your father. It is a tough one, no matter how you slice it. Humor is a necessity, and you have that in spades. Besides, my Oklahoman grandmother always said, “It’s better to laugh than to cry. Crying just adds more water to the situation.”


    • Ahhh..laughter…it really is the best medicine. I’ve used it all my life and this recent bout of family drama – my dad, my mom, my hubby’s mom – is no different. At least the spontaneous crying jags seem to have ended, so there’s that.


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