Me and The US Postal Service Need to Have a Come to Jesus Meetin’

In the span of TEN short minutes today I was witness to the following:

1.  After standing in a looooooooooooooong line – due to the fact that there was only ONE clerk working the busy post office – for what seemed like an eternity, the gentleman in front of me presented a package that clearly didn’t meet the postal regs.  He kept being told he needed a “bigger box”…no, I don’t know why…to which he would look over his shoulder at the box display and say, “This is all you have here.”   This happened like three times and the clerk finally said that making sure the proper supplies were provided to the postal customer in the post office lobby was “…not part of my job.”    Yes, Mr. Clerk, it’s not your job – as the only person in the building we could see who could possibly have access to the supplies we need.  Of course it’s not.    Frustrated, the gentleman gave up and walked away.

2.  The next gentleman in line had a poorly constructed and poorly packaged shipment and the clerk had no issue with that part, but when they guy clearly said “Parcel” the clerk heard “Priority” and when he quoted a $26 price and the customer nearly fainted and asked why “Parcel Post” cost so much, the clerk began to argue with the customer that he said “Priority” when even the woman behind me was muttering, “No, he said parcel post”.  This exchange ended with the customer getting it changed to ‘Parcel Post” as the clerk said, and I quote, “I don’t care what you do, just don’t say “priority” when you mean ‘parcel'”.  

3.  Another customer approached another clerk at a now-opened second counter, but only for inquiries and pick-ups, and asked about the location of her new PO box.   After going to the back for some moments, he came back and told her that everyone with access to that information on the computer was gone for the day.  So, tough lady, I don’t care that you came here when it was convenient for you, you are now being introduced to the USPS version of “convenience” and it translates to – “Service – When We Absolutely Have No Other Choice, We Will Begrudgingly Put You Off Till Tomorrow”   I think t-shirts should be made.

My transaction went fine, but I did have to wait while the clerk fumbled with putting new tape into the machine and then loudly bitch about how he had to do “everything around here”.  

Yeah, right…just don’t ask any questions, expect any supplies to be stocked in the lobby, or have time constraints that make coming to the post office inconvenient for a postal worker, and we’ll get along just fine.

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  1. Wow, and people wonder why so many post offices are getting shut down. What a bunch of crapola. I hate the USPS. They’ve lost / ruined so much of my mail over the years, it’s stupid. And they keep raising their rates and offering worse service. UGH. I’m feeling all ranty now.

  2. Try asking them for stamps when they have a (broken) stamp vending machine in the lobby. I get a good laugh out of my hubby every time he has to do this.

  3. I know I’m lucky to have a fabulous office – fully stocked and happily staffed at all hours. But, of course, since it’s a small neighborhood one, it’s slated to be closed and I’ll have to go to the big impersonal one downtown.

  4. I want to know why it takes over two weeks for mail to travel from my little burg south of Seattle to my SIL’s house north of Seattle (an hour’s drive). Hmm?

  5. Our local post office isn’t too bad, Mom knows both of the employees by name since she’s in there with her eBay stuff all the time, but they stopped having Saturday hours and that’s kind of a hassle. And Dad’s still pissed off at them from the last time the mailman dropped a package off on our porch and peeled up a strip of the lawn with his tires.


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