I am constantly amazed by the search terms that bring people to my site.

Occasionally, I’m amused.

Often, I’m perplexed.

Rarely, I’m startled.

But today, today I’m frightened.

Wanna know why?


“husband spontaneous combustion”

And, no I don’t really want to know.

I…just….I….no, no, and no.

Posted on August 15, 2012, in Random Crap, Too Much Information, What the flippity-flop? and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Well, I know a lady who might want to know why her husband spontaneously combusted 😀

    A few years ago, a news item appeared in a local newspaper: The grandfather of a close friend of mine was found burnt to death in his bed. Nothing else except the sheets and where his body was in contact with the mattress was even charred. He was not a smoker.

  2. For a while the top search term for mine was “goat penis” so it could be worse.

  3. “goat penis” snort, choke, bwahahahahaha!

  4. It’s still in my top ten. Must be popular for some reason.

  5. I get a lot of hits from people looking for cow sex. The disappointment by all the visitors looking for that must be monumental.


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