Daily Archives: August 21, 2012

George P. Elwood Bailey Dodd

Sometimes my poor hubby gets tired of my taking the long way ‘round the fencepost telling a story.

This is especially true when he’s focused on something else….like what time the game (any game) starts.

It’s not my fault, then, when these types of conversations happen at Wal-Mart.

Me:  I need to get some French bread while we’re here.

Hubby: We don’t have time to be shopping for…

Me: I’m not *shopping* for bread, see it’s right here.

Hubby: (looking at the bread) What’s that for?

Me: We’re going to baby girl’s house on Sunday for dinner.

Hubby: And she asked you to bring bread?

Me: No, I’m bringing salad.

Hubby: Then why the bread?

Me:  They just moved into their house, and you know how much son-in-law likes that movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”?

Hubby: Yeah, but what’s that got to do with bread?

Me: In the movie, Jimmy Stewart…

Hubby: So we’re buying bread because of Jimmy Stewart?

Me: (stopping in the aisle to stare at him and marvel at how I ever get a point across some days) Yes, yes..that’s it.  I blame Jimmy Stewart.

So for the rest of you…

In the movie, Jimmy Stewart’s character – I can never remember his name, and always want to call him Elwood, but then I remember that’s from “Harvey” – anyway, his character loans money for a house to an Italian family and on the day they move in Jimmy’s wife – Mary, I think – takes a loaf of bread and a box of salt to the new homeowners and says something like, “Bread, that your home never knows hunger and salt that your life has flavor.”   So, I wanted to replicate that scene when we visited baby girl and her family for the first time since they moved into their new house.

And, I did and hubby finally understood why we bought bread that day.

Hubby: Oh, I get it! Why didn’t you just say it was a scene from that movie?

Me:  Harvey told me not to spill the beans…and he was buying.

Hubby stared at me for a while before muttering something – pretty sure the word “crazy” was in there – and walking outside.


p.s. George…his name was George Bailey.