Daily Archives: October 31, 2012


Now that the bitch, Sandy, has left the East Coast (for the most part), it’s time to dig in and re-build.  God Bless all my friends in that area and I pray you are all warm, safe, and dry.

One thing you can’t keep down is an American, and the folks in Jersey, New York, and all along the Coast are some of the toughest Americans in the country….and this is coming from a Texan…notoriously tough and gritty folks, we feel a special kinship to y’all. 

So, anyway, to Halloween.  My family loves Halloween. No, really..it’s almost an unhealthy obsession we have.   So, tonight the oldest daughter’s garage will be converted to a haunted house the kids will have to brave to get candy.

But anyone knows that kids will not be kept from candy, no matter the peril.

It should be entertaining.  I won’t be there, though.   I spent all day yesterday sick as a dog from the stomach virus my grandchildren all had last week, and today I’m still feverish and achy.   As soon as I get off work I’m going home to crash, and hubby will hand out the candy at our house.

Enjoy your Halloween, kids and don’t be afraid of the dark!