If This Doesn’t Make You Cry, You Have No Soul

Heart-rending, gut-wrenching, sad, sweet, bitter and tear-inducing.

From Jess.


Posted on November 15, 2012, in Awesomesauce and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Fine, now I’m weeping all over my keyboard. I hope you’re happy! What a wonderful, loving letter!

  2. CJ, what a beautiful letter. Indeed, it made me cry. No doubt, most if not all of our soldiers write these letters to their families. If we could only ensure that none of those letters would ever have to be opened! But, that is a Utopia that will never happen, I’m afraid.

    You may recall that my stepson is Navy EOD. He leaves for his last deployment next week. Mr. Eyebrows and I are flying back East for a visit over Thanksgiving and through the quirk of the military scheduling behemoth, we will have only one evening with him before he leaves. We are thankful for that time. I pray his letters never have to be opened.

  3. Thank you, CJ. Hugs backatcha!

  4. Damn…

    Archie, Tell him your Jarhead EOD buddy says to keep his head down and his powder dry.


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