Daily Archives: December 6, 2012

I Have a Problem with Will Ferrell, Not That He Cares

I was watching “Elf” last night, and as usual was crushing on Zooey Deschanel.  I  mean, all that and a fabulous singing voice?  She’s just too delish.

Anyway, I got to thinking about how Will Ferrell is utterly, completely, and totally charming, funny and warm in this movie and it’s endearing.

And, why can’t he be like that ALL THE TIME, in ALL THE MOVIES he makes?

I mean, he has it in him.  It’s there, it just seems like he does his very best to suppress the inner Will that would make him a superstar (in my opinion) by making ten insipid movies for every gem.

Come to think of it, other than “Elf” I can’t think of a single Will Ferrell movie I’d label a ‘gem’.   Most of them I’d label ‘recycle’ and throw in the big blue bin in time for pick-up day.  

The first movie I saw him in was “Anchorman”, and while the premise had the promise of hilarity, the movie was a notch above horrible.  And, that was only because Steve Carrel was fecking hilarious in every scene he was in – my favorite being the one where he randomly shows up to a fight with a trident.  I mean, who does that? Steve-fecking-Carrell, that’s who.  Will’s (I think if I’m lambasting the man I ought to at least be on a first name basis – feel free to reciprocate, Will) performance was just like all the others that bracket “Elf”,  from Steve Butabi in “Night at the Roxbury” – where a little of the endearing Will at least tried to come out, to Ricky Bobby in “Talladega Nights” – a ‘film’ (and I use that term very loosely) that tried to poke fun at the NASCAR set, and only made me want to strangle his character,  Will’s films are so awful they give other awful films a bad name….with the possible exception of his Darrin in “Bewitched”.  Or maybe I was just too busy wanting to smack the trying-way-too-hard Nicole Kidman, I was overly generous to Will and his vulnerable portrayal of the insecure actor. 

Over the course of at least fifteen years, I’ve tried to like Will in everything I have seen him in and I just can’t.  He’s just bad, no – awful…no terrible…no terriawfulbad.  He’s so bad I had to make up a new adjective to describe it.

And then there’s “Elf”.  In it, Will is the Will I want to see more of.  The one I thought we would see more of.  The one I had pinned my hopes for the next ‘Bill Murray’ on.

Instead, I hear there’s a sequel to “Anchorman” in production.  Obnoxious Ron Burgundy is back, again. One can only hope that Steve Carrell’s character, Brick, has returned to town trusty trident at his side.