What the…? Oh Wait, Come Back Here!

You know how you can be driving along and all of a sudden the car in the lane next to you decides that right where you are is right where it needs to be right now?


And, you hit the brakes, utter some expletives about the level of intelligence of the driver of said car and honk.


And then, the car that almost caused a nasty wreck with lots of damage and plenty of pain for you pulls ahead enough for you to see the logo on the back of the car, and it says “Maserati”.

And you yell, “Come back, I didn’t mean it! Hit me, PLEASE!!!”

Just me, then?  Okay.

Posted on January 25, 2013, in Guess You Had to Be There, Things That Annoy, Things That Will Piss You Off, What the flippity-flop? and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Not the only one, but even if I do get ‘lucky’ and they hit me, they never have insurance. Bastages.

    • I would hope that the Maserati asshole would have insurance…the car looked practically new.

      And you know what else?

      When I first saw it I thought it was a Honda Civic! Yeah, buddy, spend $100K+ on a car and it looks like a $15K POS. That just has disappointment written all over it.

      Come to think of it, maybe Maserati was drifting into my lane because his tears of sadness at having a car that looked just like a Honda was clouding his vision.


    Whenever that happens here in Jamaica, its either a taxi or a Mitsubishi Pajero 😀


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