Yes, I Realize Valentine’s Day Was Last Week

But, if you had any idea what kind of week last week was for me, you wouldn’t be making such a big deal about my missing Valentine’s Day right now.

For that matter, if you knew how I really feel about Valentine’s Day we wouldn’t even be discussing it.   We’d be talking about the dynamic synergies of post-modern banjos instead, because that would be far less controversial.

Yes, I said ‘controversial’.

I hate Valentine’s Day.

Let me ‘splain.

When I was a kid I remember having Valentine’s Day parties at school.  We’d all bring decorated shoeboxes with little cutouts in the tops and set them on our desks. 

At the appointed hour, we’d go around the room dropping our handwritten Valentines in the boxes of our classmates – always reserving the fanciest ones, with all the glitter on them, for our super-not-so-secret crush.  

Then the teacher would pass out the heart-shaped candies, cookies, and cupcakes with red icing on it that wound up on your face, hands, and clothes.  Every.  Time.

It was fun.  Lots of fun.

I carried on this tradition with my children, until it wasn’t a ‘thing’ anymore and just like that one more party in school went ‘pfffffffft’. 

C’est le vie.

We still had Valentines and cupcakes at home.

Then one day about ten years ago, and my kids had long since grown out of Mom’s Valentine’s Day celebration and onto their own,  I happened to be at the store on Valentine’s Day.

I was getting ready to check out in the Express Lane (no more than 15 items, and God help you if you accidentally overlooked that lone lemon in the bottom of your cart which put you firmly at 16 items as the jackass behind you will LOUDLY proclaim), when I noticed a long, long, long line in front of me.

Everyone in the line was male.  Each was holding flowers, candy, and cards…in some combination – many with all three. 

Every one of them looked sad, depressed and anxious….as if they were in line for vasectomies, not simply to pay for the undying expressions of love they held.

That was when it hit me.

Valentine’s Day is one of those Hallmark holidays, made up to make men feel guilty and women entitled. 

From that day on, I told my husband that if he wanted to give me a card or flowers or candy he better NOT do it on February 14th.   Do it on the 13th, the 15th, or even not at all…just take out the garbage without my asking.  That tells me more about how you feel than any pre-packaged, wrapped in hearts and flowers, sentiment just waiting for you to pay more than it’s worth at the local store does.

It’s been freeing, if sometimes awkward when someone asks me what I ‘got’ for Valentine’s Day and I launch into my tirade about how I hate that day – incidentally, they don’t ask how I feel about too many things after that, so it’s a win!win! for me.

And you know what?  My hubby empties the garbage without my asking a lot more nowadays, too.   Now that, my friends, is romantic.

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  1. oddly enough.. i am right there with you. i’m not a fan of this “valentine’s day” crap. almost any day of the year, i can go in the local grocery store, pick up a nice dozen of roses to put in one of my many unused vases, and only pay $12-$15. But right around valentine’s day??? $50. same damn flowers. chocolates.. same ounce you buy in a bag.. 1/2 the cost of the ones in the fancy heart shaped boxes. really?? REALLY? screw that. hubby was goaded by co-workers last year to get me flowers for valentine’s day. (we work at the same place.. i’m the receptionist.) he paid WAY too much for some very pretty purple tulips. i know, because we have access to online banking, and for years i don’t keep a checkbook.. i just track our spending online. easy to see when a florist charge shows up. i loved them.. don’t get me wrong.. getting flowers delivered at work.. something that’s never happened to me before. but damn, the cost of them, he could have gone to the store some other day, bought about 5x the flowers i got and covered the entire reception desk in so this year, no flowers. we did go out to dinner.. but had no reservations anywhere. that was a HUGE mistake. we never got to eat until close to 9pm when we could get seated anywhere. if we ever decide to go out for valentine’s day, we’ll definitely use the call ahead option. i like your idea tho.. just do something nice for me, without me having to ask.. that would make me happiest of all.

  2. CJ, you do realize that all the big guns at Hallmark have you firmly in their crosshairs, do you not? Frankly, I think they are the ones that should be scared. An angry Texas lady is a force to be reckoned with 🙂

    I’m in agreement with you. Making sure the firewood wheelbarrow is full, the oil is changed in my car, and the toilet seat is down are far more endearing.

  3. We exchange cards but there’s no PRESSURE to get each other a card. We just enjoy it and a card we can pick up even a couple of weeks in advance (since the #$%*&! stores start putting out that crap right after Christmas!). Going out to dinner is often part of our V-day but we just usually go to our favorite hangout since it feels like family there.

    I’m with you on the whole Hallmark conspiracy though. What’s up with Grandparents Day? And Sweetest Day? And…and…

  4. Years ago when I was still happily married, wasband surprised me with a singing valentine by a barbershop quartet. It was by far the best valentine’s day gift he ever gave me. Then he ruined it 12 years later.


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