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Isn’t Everything Just Cooler Times Ten?

When you’re wearing these:



Yep, those are my feet tucked securely (and cool-y) in my new Converse All-Stars. 

Suddenly, I feel like a 10-yr. old.  I want to climb rocks and ride bikes and stay out late watching for lightning bugs.

And all because I fell in love (again) with a pair of sneakers like the ones I used to wear as a kid.  Only, back then you didn’t have color options. 

Unless your color of choice was white, then you had all kinds of options.

I certainly didn’t expect a pair of sneakers to act like a Twilight Zone episode (remember the one where all the old folks go out one night and become kids again playing “Kick the Can”?) on me, but they did.

And now I’m going out to play.   Call me when it’s time for supper!

Let’s Start This Week Off Right!

And for me that means laughing till I can’t breathe, so here’s a little something from our friends at Little White Lion.

How to entertain your puppy or kitten, and yourself as well.

I Don’t Care How Cool You Think Your Job Title Is

It’ll never be this cool….unless, of course, you are Mr. which case, I salute you, sir!

big door

The Kingdom’s Travails – Day Nine

Life was so simple back then.

If some article of clothing, or household linen, got dirty – mussed in some way or even stained with the tears of mine enemies – the queen could simply toss it into her top-loading beauty, add the necessary chemicals, turn the dial and magically this machine would erase all traces of every transgression in thirty minutes.

But these are dark times for the Kingdom.

The washing machine hath vexed even the noblest of repairmen in the Shire.  It hath brought them to their knees, and coaxed forth curses muttered under sweaty breath as one by one they try to best it and unlock its wizard’s secrets.

Day by day and hour by hour the machine sits quietly and patiently awaiting the next challenger.

Who among the realm’s repairmen can tame the terrible beastie?

Today a new challenger shall enter the lair, and take with him the hoped-for miracle that will once again send the castle into realms of clean socks, clean undies, and clean towels.

The occupants of the castle light a candle and pray the machine is bested, lest the queen be forced to enter the other dragon’s lair (also called a ‘laundromat’) and do battle with numerous beastly machines that steadfastly refuse to dissolve detergents properly or dry clothes without a mound of coins being fed to them that would rival the national debt for all of Ankh-Morpork. 

The last trip the queen made to this terrible place did not end well as the vicious witch of the southerly winds grabbed and clawed at her freshly-laundered and folded clothes as she struggled to place them in her carriage for the trip back to the castle.

Much muttering of unspeakable curses upon all who would vex her so was heard, and the menfolk of the castle did tremble…except the cat, he simply one-eyed the ruckus and went back to sleep.

I fear further outbursts from the queen may involve breakage of nearby objects, and so I light a candle myself and ask the gods of electricity to be kind to the noble Repairman of the Whirlpool today.

The whole of the Shire doth wait with baited breath…

Someone Please Get This Woman Some Grandchildren, STAT!

I just wanted to buy my groceries and go home.  I’m not normally the grumpy-granny type, but in my defense I’d been up about 14 hours already and had just found out that my washer was still not repaired, despite two trips by my very reliable repairman.

The washer is THREE years old, people! THREE!!  And it’s developed some kind of electrical short.  On Tuesday, Sid the Repair Guy came to my house and after much noggin’ scratching decided the electrical problem was definitely the timer mechanism.  Definitely. Without a doubt.

On Wednesday, Sid’s assistant Eddie came out and installed the timer, plugged in the machine and ZAP! Breakers tripped and sparks flew.

Apparently, it’s not the timer. 

On Thursday, Sid and Eddie are both coming out to troubleshoot and (hopefully) figure this thing out, although when all is said and done I probably could have bought a new washer for what this will cost.

Which brings me to my state of grumpocity (it’s a on Wednesday, when standing in the flour/spices/shit that’s bad for you  aisle I was accosted by a sweet white-haired woman.

“I’m babysitting my granddoggers this weekend, so I have to buy food I can prepare ahead of time.”, she said as I stood looking for an angel food cake mix (I didn’t buy it, by the way).

“Oh, I know what it’s like when the little ones are around.” I said, fully empathizing with the lack of time/energy when you are babysitting the grandkids.

“Yes, and I’m taking my girl with me.”

Her girl? I looked at her. She had to be 80 if she was a day.

“She just loves their back yard.  She gets out there and runs around and gets all muddy and then I have to wash her little feet when she comes inside.  And she knows to stop right inside the back door until I get her cleaned up.”

Dogs..she was talking about dogs.  Grand-dogs, or in her case grand-doggers.

I could tell this conversation was going to keep on keepin’ on, so I did the only thing a woman with a broken washer and piles of laundry at home could do.

I turned around and walked away.


It’s A Major Award!

I got one of these:

From my Owned by Rats glowy-box friend, Bubbe.  Check out her site…it’s waaaaaay cool.

So, umm…I think I’m supposed to first thank all the little people – the Munchkins, all of the Dwarfs – even though that Grumpy can be a real pain! And the children…let’s not forget the children.

So here’s a great big Thank You to Bubbe and all the little people:

thank you script

Now, for the Seven Things You Need to Know About Me:

1) I’m utterly, totally, completely, boring-ly normal. 

2) I’m happily married – for nearly 37 years now.

3) I have written one complete manuscript – a YA fantasy/sci-fi – and NOT ONE publisher or agent will read it.  *sniffle*

4) I love cats, dogs, rats, bunnies, horses, and would have a gozillion of each if I didn’t have the Voice of Reason a/k/a hubby living with me.

5) I’m working on a non-fiction manuscript (that no one will read/publish) about my life with Dad. He died last summer of Alzheimer’s.  It’s been a LOT harder to do than I thought it would be. Hence the slooooooooow progress.

6) I love my job.  Rare these days, but there you have it.  I love my boss, I love my company.  I’m very content.

7) I have seven grandchildren, so far, and each of them are pure perfection.  I also have four children – 2 boys, 2 girls – and they are very-nearly perfect themselves.   They take after their Daddy….obviously.

And, now, for the fifteen nominees:

1. Animals Talking in All Caps – this guy is freakin’ hilarious

2. Better After – I love restoring/reusing old stuff, so this site is one of my favorites.

3. EPBOT – Jen of ‘Cake Wrecks’ fame has her own li’l corner of the Web here.

4. Go Away – no I don’t mean you ‘go away’, I mean David Thorne’s site.  He’s utterly rude, annoying, and will make me laugh to tears.  My only gripe, David, is you don’t post enough!

5. It Just Gets Stranger – if I were a LOT younger, not married, and lived anywhere near Palau, I’d so stalk Eli McCann.  He’s that funny/wonderful.  Go check him out.

6. Letters of Note – I’ve re-blogged from this site a number of times.  It’s my go-to for when I need to be reminded that not everyone is an illiterate buffoon that writes in a garbled letter/number manner with no insight into their soul.

7. Little White Lion – I just clicked on it, and today there’s a recipe for a 15 lb. Snickers bar.  Need I say more? I think not.

8. The Problem With Young People Today Is….- even though it’s been over a year since he updated the site, this old geezer tells it like it is…and I love him for that.

9. Messy Nessy Chic – an offbeat and unique blog..lots of fun

10. This Is Colossal – and hoo-boy is it ever! I can lose an entire day here.

11. Pleated Jeans – no filler, just funny…and oh yeah..every day something new.

12. Jason Good – he’s a writer! he’s a comedian! he’s a very funny family man!

13. Dump a Day – no it’s not a prescription for feeling good, it’s a site with a lot of fluff to make you smile/laugh/happy.

14. Penny’s Vintage Home – another decorating/DIY site.  This woman is very talented, and very creative.

15. Thrifty Decor Chick – my kind of DIYer – thrifty and creative.

Go show some love to these people and if you waste a WHOLE day visiting the sites, just remember it’s not my fault!

Just Breathe



I have a cure, so put down the bottle and just breathe.

You’re welcome.