It’s A Major Award!

I got one of these:

From my Owned by Rats glowy-box friend, Bubbe.  Check out her site…it’s waaaaaay cool.

So, umm…I think I’m supposed to first thank all the little people – the Munchkins, all of the Dwarfs – even though that Grumpy can be a real pain! And the children…let’s not forget the children.

So here’s a great big Thank You to Bubbe and all the little people:

thank you script

Now, for the Seven Things You Need to Know About Me:

1) I’m utterly, totally, completely, boring-ly normal. 

2) I’m happily married – for nearly 37 years now.

3) I have written one complete manuscript – a YA fantasy/sci-fi – and NOT ONE publisher or agent will read it.  *sniffle*

4) I love cats, dogs, rats, bunnies, horses, and would have a gozillion of each if I didn’t have the Voice of Reason a/k/a hubby living with me.

5) I’m working on a non-fiction manuscript (that no one will read/publish) about my life with Dad. He died last summer of Alzheimer’s.  It’s been a LOT harder to do than I thought it would be. Hence the slooooooooow progress.

6) I love my job.  Rare these days, but there you have it.  I love my boss, I love my company.  I’m very content.

7) I have seven grandchildren, so far, and each of them are pure perfection.  I also have four children – 2 boys, 2 girls – and they are very-nearly perfect themselves.   They take after their Daddy….obviously.

And, now, for the fifteen nominees:

1. Animals Talking in All Caps – this guy is freakin’ hilarious

2. Better After – I love restoring/reusing old stuff, so this site is one of my favorites.

3. EPBOT – Jen of ‘Cake Wrecks’ fame has her own li’l corner of the Web here.

4. Go Away – no I don’t mean you ‘go away’, I mean David Thorne’s site.  He’s utterly rude, annoying, and will make me laugh to tears.  My only gripe, David, is you don’t post enough!

5. It Just Gets Stranger – if I were a LOT younger, not married, and lived anywhere near Palau, I’d so stalk Eli McCann.  He’s that funny/wonderful.  Go check him out.

6. Letters of Note – I’ve re-blogged from this site a number of times.  It’s my go-to for when I need to be reminded that not everyone is an illiterate buffoon that writes in a garbled letter/number manner with no insight into their soul.

7. Little White Lion – I just clicked on it, and today there’s a recipe for a 15 lb. Snickers bar.  Need I say more? I think not.

8. The Problem With Young People Today Is….- even though it’s been over a year since he updated the site, this old geezer tells it like it is…and I love him for that.

9. Messy Nessy Chic – an offbeat and unique blog..lots of fun

10. This Is Colossal – and hoo-boy is it ever! I can lose an entire day here.

11. Pleated Jeans – no filler, just funny…and oh yeah..every day something new.

12. Jason Good – he’s a writer! he’s a comedian! he’s a very funny family man!

13. Dump a Day – no it’s not a prescription for feeling good, it’s a site with a lot of fluff to make you smile/laugh/happy.

14. Penny’s Vintage Home – another decorating/DIY site.  This woman is very talented, and very creative.

15. Thrifty Decor Chick – my kind of DIYer – thrifty and creative.

Go show some love to these people and if you waste a WHOLE day visiting the sites, just remember it’s not my fault!

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