Daily Archives: March 15, 2013

Someone Please Get This Woman Some Grandchildren, STAT!

I just wanted to buy my groceries and go home.  I’m not normally the grumpy-granny type, but in my defense I’d been up about 14 hours already and had just found out that my washer was still not repaired, despite two trips by my very reliable repairman.

The washer is THREE years old, people! THREE!!  And it’s developed some kind of electrical short.  On Tuesday, Sid the Repair Guy came to my house and after much noggin’ scratching decided the electrical problem was definitely the timer mechanism.  Definitely. Without a doubt.

On Wednesday, Sid’s assistant Eddie came out and installed the timer, plugged in the machine and ZAP! Breakers tripped and sparks flew.

Apparently, it’s not the timer. 

On Thursday, Sid and Eddie are both coming out to troubleshoot and (hopefully) figure this thing out, although when all is said and done I probably could have bought a new washer for what this will cost.

Which brings me to my state of grumpocity (it’s a word..now..deal) on Wednesday, when standing in the flour/spices/shit that’s bad for you  aisle I was accosted by a sweet white-haired woman.

“I’m babysitting my granddoggers this weekend, so I have to buy food I can prepare ahead of time.”, she said as I stood looking for an angel food cake mix (I didn’t buy it, by the way).

“Oh, I know what it’s like when the little ones are around.” I said, fully empathizing with the lack of time/energy when you are babysitting the grandkids.

“Yes, and I’m taking my girl with me.”

Her girl? I looked at her. She had to be 80 if she was a day.

“She just loves their back yard.  She gets out there and runs around and gets all muddy and then I have to wash her little feet when she comes inside.  And she knows to stop right inside the back door until I get her cleaned up.”

Dogs..she was talking about dogs.  Grand-dogs, or in her case grand-doggers.

I could tell this conversation was going to keep on keepin’ on, so I did the only thing a woman with a broken washer and piles of laundry at home could do.

I turned around and walked away.