Daily Archives: March 27, 2013

Isn’t Everything Just Cooler Times Ten?

When you’re wearing these:



Yep, those are my feet tucked securely (and cool-y) in my new Converse All-Stars. 

Suddenly, I feel like a 10-yr. old.  I want to climb rocks and ride bikes and stay out late watching for lightning bugs.

And all because I fell in love (again) with a pair of sneakers like the ones I used to wear as a kid.  Only, back then you didn’t have color options. 

Unless your color of choice was white, then you had all kinds of options.

I certainly didn’t expect a pair of sneakers to act like a Twilight Zone episode (remember the one where all the old folks go out one night and become kids again playing “Kick the Can”?) on me, but they did.

And now I’m going out to play.   Call me when it’s time for supper!