Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

If He’s This Quick at Five…

…hoo boy, my daughter is in for an interesting time with this boy.

Remember the 5-yr. old grandson I told you about who hurt his junk-junk?

Well, Sunday was his sister’s 8th birthday and she got a Lego set featuring princesses and a pool and playground.  Apparently, it’s made up of elebenty-hunnert little pieces just waiting to make painful introductions to the bottoms of bare feet.

It was a big hit with the crowd, but went unopened as cake waited in the next room and it wasn’t going to eat itself.

As my daughter went to clean up the remains of wrapping paper and bags and stuff left after the present-opening carnage, the 5-yr. old walked up to her holding the Lego treasure in his hands.

Son: Mama?

Daughter: No, don’t open it. That’s sissy’s.

Son: I know, but I want to build it for sissy. (insert large grin here)

Lost in translation here was the momentary pause between daughter’s statement and her son’s reply.   In that pause, I watched his little brain clicking away trying to find the right combination that would let him open and play with his sister’s gift all while making it look like doing so was a selfless sacrifice on his part.

He’s adorable. And dangerous. But, mostly adorable.

This could get interesting.