Daily Archives: May 1, 2013

It’s Gettin’ Real…


I am convinced my house is haunted.

The latest evidence is presented here for your entertainment:

We have cable television.  We have a remote controller for the cable television.  We use the remote to scroll through upcoming shows, and set reminders for the ones we want to watch.

Anyone who has cable/satellite you can skip this part because you obviously know what I’m talking about. Y’all go have some cookies – they’re warm, right out of the oven – while I explain this to everyone else.

Everyone else – with me so far?

Okay, we set a reminder the other day so that when “Ironman” came on, a small pop-up comes up on the television screen to let us know it’s on.  If you mash the “OK” button on the remote, the television will magically switch the channel to the reminder channel and voila! you are watching “Ironman” (or whatever you set a reminder for).

Okay, those of you who went out for cookies come back in here and leave some for the rest of us!

Now, here’s where things get weird.

The reminder for “Ironman” came up as I was in the kitchen and hubby was in the office.  Neither of us was within 10 feet of the remote when the channel suddenly changed on its own, and “Ironman” began to play.

We spent the next ten minutes alternately blaming each other for changing the channel and refusing to admit it, and staring at each other wide-eyed while remarking how very weird that was.

I finally gave up and said, “Very funny, Ralph (the name I chose to give our poltergeist), but don’t do it again.”

My house is haunted, y’all.