Things That Make Me Giggle

Just one thing that makes me giggle uncontrollably is autocorrect.

From my local IT professional last week, I received this text on the day I was expecting him to come to the office to work on some computers.

“won’t be there today…i’m six”

To which I (logically) replied.

“okay, hope you get older soon”


And then, over the weekend, from baby girl I get this lovely autocorrect:

“we want the walk mount”


“the tv walk mount”

“UGH! *wall”

“Stupid autocorrect”

“wins everything”



By the end of this I could not read the screen through the tears.

And, I think I peed my pants a little.

It. Was. Aardvark. Awkward. *dammit* Awesome.

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  1. Recently my sister gained the nickname Idaho. I meant to say “I think she lost it” and Autocorrect thought it should read “Idaho lost it.” Also “from whence it came” has become “from syndromes came”. But alas Autocorrect isn’t as bad as my own lack of texting skills.

  2. We gets our thrills where we gets our thrills! Autocorrect Fails is almost as guaranteed to get me giggling as YSaC.

    Have a great day!

  3. My phone’s not smart enough to autocorrect! But I have to tell you about another blogger who posted that she wished she could tell her phone that she didn’t ever imagine a situation where she would use the word “duck”, so stop autocorrecting it from “f—“!!


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