Doc, Doc, Wha?

The other night I went to a pre-K graduation at a church-sponsored pre-school.


I’m looking forward to the day when there’s a cap and gown ceremony for kids who go from bottle to sippy cup, because we just don’t praise these little germ factories enough.  But, that’s another rant for another day.


At the graduation, each little white gown and cap festooned 4 or 5-yr. old stands on stage, announces their name and says what they want to be when they grow up.


There were the usual aspirations – doctor, fireman, veterinarian, etc.


And the usual “cute” ones – fairy, princess, fairy princess, and pop star.


And then there was ‘Travis’ who told us all that when he grows up he wants to be……………………a dog.  Personally, I think Travis is brilliant…and right on.


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  1. In 20 or so years, we’ll ask his ex if Travis succeeded….

  2. There’s a song about that aspiration 😀

  3. Good for Travis! I hope his dream comes true. Which universities have good programs for this?

    Don’t even get me started on the “graduation.” When you finish elementary school or kindergarten or your first week of preschool, you haven’t graduated–you’ve only gotten started! Stupid little phony ceremonies.They diminish the real ones for people who actually accomplish something.

    Okay, I’m done.


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