Daily Archives: May 30, 2013

Rain plus Dirt equals Mud

The weather in Texas this spring has been….well, strange.

For instance, we’ve actually gotten a good bit of rain.  And it’s not nine-hunnert-elebenty degrees outside, yet.  That heat will come, and someone will remember to shut off the Texas rain…but I think all of Heaven is watching “Dancing With the Stars” or something, because no one has done it yet and it’s almost June.

We had most of the kids and grandkids over for a barbecue in the cloudy, gray, mid-80’s weather last Sunday.  This was after two days of showers and wind and clouds and cool (ish) temps.

The backyard is huge and full of trees and all manner of fun hiding places for little kids to play in.

My only stipulation was that shoes must be removed before coming back inside, as I knew if there was one place where it was muddy then every grandchild would be ankle-deep in it.

And I have (the hated) carpet in the living room, where my back door is located.   Not the best set-up, but I have a very small house and it doesn’t come with a mud room.   Usually, we don’t need one.   A dust room, yes.  But a mud room?  Not so much.

Anyway, all was going according to plan until two of my granddaughters – both of them 5-yr. olds – decided that they both had to pee..right NOW.

In they ran, muddy shoes and all, and left a trail from the door to the hall by the bathroom where I happened to be standing.   I looked down at the black tracks on the tan rug and said,  “Girls! You forgot to take off your shoes!”.

Both girls looked down at their feet, undoubtedly surprised to find shoes attached.

Both girls turned, in unison, and began to retrace their steps back to the door where they promptly removed their shoes.

And by “retrace” I mean run full speed and avoid the original tracks, making new ones.

I laughed till I cried after assuring them that carpet could be cleaned and everything was okay.

I didn’t laugh so much when later that night I spent nearly TWO hours cleaning up the mud from the (hated) carpet.  All the while loudly proclaiming how much easier this would have been if we’d had the flooring I wanted to put down in the first place.

The upside is I think I’ve finally convinced hubby that getting hardwood floors is something we should do sooner rather than later.  And, by “convinced” I mean he’s sick of hearing me bitch about how hard it is to keep the (hated) carpet clean with little kids around all the time, so he’s on the verge of cratering.

I think the final push will come when the next time it happens I make him clean up the mess.