Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

With Six You Get Hummus

I was walking through the grocery store when a man passed me going the opposite direction down the aisle.

He looked out of place, and agitated.

He looked out of place because he was dressed for a Jimmy Buffet concert.

He was agitated because he couldn’t find something.

Enter me.

Parrothead:  You would think the garbanzo beans would be with the beans, right?

Me: Right (smiling)

Parrothead: Well, they’re not.

Me: (clearly he was not capable of finding them on his own, and I was there..so)  They are down this aisle here, by the vegetables.  And they are often called ‘chickpeas’.

Parrothead:  Chickpeas?

Me: Yep, and if you mash them up and add some oil, garlic, and lemon juice you’ve got hummus.

Parrothead: Hummus, huh?

Me: Yep.

Parrothead: Apparently, I need to watch a LOT more cooking shows. (walks away muttering to himself)

Me: (still standing there) And, I guess I watch way too many.