I Just Want One of Those Hats.

A coworker is going to Cambridge – the one in England – to attend her sister’s wedding, eat scones, have ‘high’ tea, and do whatever else one does when one is across the pond.

She asked me today what I wanted her to bring me.

Aside from a Tardis, I could only think of one thing she might have a reasonable chance of getting.

ME:  I want one of those tall hats the guards in front of Buckingham Palace wears.

CW:  A what?

ME:  You know those big, black hats they wear?  I have no idea what they are called, but I want one.

CW:  Oh…yeah, I don’t know what they are called either, but I’ll see if any of the shops sell them…

ME: Oh, no…missy.  You don’t understand.  I want you to walk up to one of the guards and ask him to give it to you.  Tell him there’s a crazy woman in the U.S. that might go apeshit on you if you don’t.

CW: *blink, blink*

ME: I’m serious.

CW: I…umm….I’ll see what I can do.

ME: Remember – pics or it didn’t happen!

I’ll be modeling my new hat when she gets back in August.  I’ll post a picture for y’all…or, you know, it didn’t happen.

So…I went researching a bit after this conversation, because I was curious about what those hats are called.

Holy shit, people! Those Brits are serious about their military attire.

And now, I’m conflicted.   I mean, on the one hand…aww….bears!  And, on the other…it’s a moral imperative that I get one of these…immediately, because aww….bears.

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