Was That A……?

So, Sunday before my car tried to make me think someone had shot me, I was going to the store.

I got in my car, and started it; cranked the a/c up to full-arctic-blast.

I was pulling out of the driveway, when I saw a lady and her goat.


Yep, a lady had a black and white goat on a leash.

She was walking the goat.

Walking. The. Goat.

And, I don’t even live in a rural area.

I got in the car, muttering something about it being elebenty-bazillion degrees outside and how I must be hallucinating.

I drove down my street, and there was goat-lady again.

She was walking past a house, and the residents were standing outside.

Not one of them was trying to hide their shock at seeing a goat on a leash.

It was weird, but weirder yet is someone in my neighborhood has a goat that’s trained enough to walk on a leash.

I told my husband about it when I got home, and of course Bugsy, the Insane (my crazy cat) was listening to the conversation.

He was unimpressed.

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