Daily Archives: August 9, 2013

It’s The Little Things

I am a t-shirt freak connoisseur, and have dozens in my collection.  Just this week I added a Star Trek one, and a few weeks ago I added a periodic table shirt, that uses the symbols for oxygen and magnesium to spell a familiar phrase.

You go look that up.

I’ll wait.

*whistles a happy tune*

See?  Clever, eh?

Anyway, I’d been looking and looking and looking for what seemed like an eternity for one shirt I wanted realllllll bad.

I clicked on my favorite t-shirt site every day, just knowing that today was the day.

Well, earlier this week it was.   I literally SQUEED out loud and did a happy dance.   A few clicks, and a little bit lighter wallet later, and I got me one of these coming in the mail:

SQUEE! Tolkein! SQUEE!

SQUEE! Tolkein! SQUEE!

I am overly, probably inappropriately, excited.