Daily Archives: August 21, 2013

Sometimes It’s Hard to Tell

You know since writing a blog I’ve been getting like elebenty-bajillion spam comments a month.

Sometimes they are so cleverly worded, I can’t always tell if they are or are not SPAM.  I delete them anyway, so yeah if you’re one of ‘those’ that’s commented for real and wondered where it was…well, dammit don’t write like a Spambot next time!

The other day I opened the SPAM comments and found one that was one of this  is it or isn’t it? moments…

“Om just folk funderar för att anhålla angående casino ner i
din nära framtid, absolut inte fylla upp dina kreditkort klura till att man inte
behöver betala i retur skulden. Runt ett flertal stater, deras casino har villkor angående hur
mycket skuld kreditkort vilket alla formen, kommer släppas.”

So, gentle readers, what do you think?