Sometimes It’s Hard to Tell

You know since writing a blog I’ve been getting like elebenty-bajillion spam comments a month.

Sometimes they are so cleverly worded, I can’t always tell if they are or are not SPAM.  I delete them anyway, so yeah if you’re one of ‘those’ that’s commented for real and wondered where it was…well, dammit don’t write like a Spambot next time!

The other day I opened the SPAM comments and found one that was one of this  is it or isn’t it? moments…

“Om just folk funderar för att anhålla angående casino ner i
din nära framtid, absolut inte fylla upp dina kreditkort klura till att man inte
behöver betala i retur skulden. Runt ett flertal stater, deras casino har villkor angående hur
mycket skuld kreditkort vilket alla formen, kommer släppas.”

So, gentle readers, what do you think?

Posted on August 21, 2013, in Spambots and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. According to Google Translate it’s Swedish and this is the translation:

    “If the right people are looking to arrest regarding casino down in
    your near future, certainly not fill up your credit card figuring that one does not have to pay in return the debt. Around the several states, their casinos have terms regarding how much credit card debt, which all form, will be released.”

    …Meh, it’s anyone’s call as to the spamishness of this comment.


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