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So You Think You Can Dance?

You couldn’t hold a candle to these two.  None of us could.

See, back in the day…and I mean waaaaaaaay back…an entertainer wasn’t just a singer, actor, comic, or hoofer.

He, or she, was all of the above.  That is, if eating was a priority.

Hence, the incredible talent produced during that era.

No one compares today. Not one so-called entertainer could hold a candle to either Mr. Hope or Mr. Cagney.

But, I tell ya what, Heaven has a helluva floor show every night.  Amiright?

Texts From My 18-mo. Old Granddaughter

Sunday night, 8:42 pm


I don’t think I could lift the receiver on a phone when I was a toddler, much less type a text, choose a contact, and hit send.

And last week, she bought a game package for her mom’s iPhone.

Never underestimate a toddler.

Just When I’ve Lost All Hope For Humanity

I come across a heartbreaking, bittersweet, story like this one.

But the story isn’t all about the story.

Read the comments, people.

Faith. Restored.

He Tocks In the Treetops

Yeah, I’m Pretty Sure Jesus Rocks

Yeah, I’m Pretty Sure Jesus Rocks

And Then There Were Two, But You’ll Have to Take My Word For It

Remember the squee-fest over the t-shirt?

And then, the incredible irony?

Yeah, well guess what showed up in my mailbox?

The original wandering t-shirt, and the replacement t-shirt that the good folks at 6 Dollar Shirts sent me.

And every day since then I’ve forgotten to take a picture of the two of them side-by-side to have for this post.

Every. Damned. Day. For. Over. A. Week.

I suck at picture taking, and apparently hate my own blog because I’ve also been meaning to post this for over a week.

So, anyway, now I have two t-shirts.

Take my word for it, because if you wait for pics…

Nothing To See Here

This isn’t a post. Well, not a real post.

It’s a post about why I don’t have time to post, which is taking time that I don’t have right now.

So, really nothing to see here.

Move along.

It’s Penis Bitter Jekly Time!

its peanut butter jelly time

Simply. Awesome.