Hi! My Name is ______________(insert name), and I Am An Addict

It all started about a year ago, and now I’m ashamed to admit I find myriad ways to feed my addiction.

I’m very creative in that respect.

I know, it’s  a serious matter but I also know that I can’t (won’t) stop until I’ve hit rock bottom.

I’m only writing about it now, because I’m afraid that time will come.

Very soon, in fact.

I mean I can only think of so many excuses to take my car over to the Discount Tire just so I can score some free Green Mountain coffee, before someone catches on and makes me stop.

I know I could buy my own Keurig and brew my own Green Mountain, but it’s not the same.  Any addict will tell you that part of the thrill is getting away with it. 

*checks Discount Tire website*

Heyyyyyyyyy….did y’all know they have free tire pressure checks?   I didn’t till just now.

Never mind all that nonsense above, I have…umm…a tire that’s low…or will be low in a minute.  Trust me, I’m psychic like that.


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  1. If you run out of ideas you can always drive around a construction site for a few minutes. This always produces a guaranteed tire puncture of one kind or another. 😉

  2. CJ, just bake some brownies or cupcakes and take them in every so often (is twice a day too much?). You can thank the nice people at Discount Tire for all their help (and coffee) and enjoy a cup with them while they munch on the goodies. Probably cheaper than having to replace tires all the time.


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