It’s Like Being Drunk, Only Drunk’s More Fun..I’m Told


I feel like I’m spinning in circles.

And, I’m sitting still.

It’s kinda like being drunk, without the fun and with the nausea and disorientation.

I thought it was from the bronchitis/sinus infection I came down with last week.

But, it started several days after I started on the antibiotics.

Now, I think it may be fluid in my ear.

Or my rocks are off.

Or a reaction to the amoxicillin (Asks Uncle Google about that, finds that amoxi causes everything from anemia to throwing up – including dizziness – and in fact it’s the same friggin’ list for every drug, and what the, what the actual hell??)

Or all of the above.

All I know is I list to the port side when I walk, and I keep having to explain why I  look like I’m drunk at 7:00 in the morning.  We call that last one a “career limiting” move.

I’m also having trouble concentrating.

Maybe it’s a toom-uh (pretend Ah-nold said that last word).

Whatever, it’s not fun…like I’m told being drunk is.


Aaaaaaaaaaand Imagonna quit talking to Uncle Google. All he does anymore is scare the  shit out of me.



Posted on October 15, 2013, in What the flippity-flop? and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Sometimes it’s what they suspend or dissolve the drug in that’s the problem. Does yours have alcohol? A lot of drugs (including what they give to children) have a significant amount of alcohol as part of the preparation.

  2. So sorry you’re feeling unwell! Take care CJ.


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