Daily Archives: October 16, 2013

The Witch of the North

Elebenty hunnert years ago a little movie called “The Wizard of Oz” was made.

Almost as many years ago a young girl sat in front of a movie screen, transfixed.

Suddenly, the chaos of her world could all be left behind if she could only get somewhere over the rainbow.

There a magical land, peopled with magical folks, would be singing and sunshine.

Well, most of them anyway.  The rest should watch out for houses.  I’m just sayin…

The world of Oz was ordered, and beautiful, and kind, and a deep yearning was fulfilled in the end.  And, home was everything it should be – soft and warm and safe and filled with love.

The little girl in front of the screen longed for a home like that.  So much so, that she was convinced if she got some ruby slippers and clicked her heels together, the magic would sweep her away to a land where everything was lemon drops and dreams.

The little girl grew up, as little girls are wont to do, but the magic of Oz never left her.  In times of trouble, she’d dream of the land over the rainbow.

When she was a young woman, the girl married a man as kind and big-hearted as the Wizard himself, and in time he made all her dreams come true, including this which was waiting for her when she got home from work last Thursday…proving that sometimes the man behind the curtain is great and powerful.

glindaGlinda, the Witch of the North (a Tonner doll)