Daily Archives: October 31, 2013

Should They Bleed Like That?

My oldest daughter loves Halloween.

No, really loves Halloween.

Like over-the-top loves Halloween.

She’s always been like that, too.   And her husband?  Oh, he’s just as much in love with Halloween as she is.

They take weeks to decorate their house, and win the ‘Best House’ award every year.  On Halloween night, people from all over the county load up their cars and trucks, SUVs and mini-vans, all to come visit this one house.  She has hundreds of visitors, and many repeat ‘customers’ throughout the night.   We turn the entire garage (or yard, depending on the weather) into a haunted house.  We’ll have  “Jason”, a “Freddy” and always a chainsaw killer.

The whole family pitches in most Halloweens, and we all buy candy.  I’ll bet we pass out $300 worth of it at least.

But, even before the trick-or-treating she has a party for all the kids in the neighborhood.

And I do mean all.

So, this before-party is something I’d never been asked to be part of until this year when everyone else bailed on her.

This should probably me my first clue, but I’m clue-less.

A week ago I agreed to help, and then jumped on Pinterest to find peanut-free treats.

You know how you can see something on Pinterest and think “I can do that..” only to have it not work out like the picture?

Me either.

Well, at least not this time.

bat cookie progress 1

(I almost forgot to post the ‘before’ pic of my bat cookies)

So, these are buttery cookies filled with plum jam – you can use any red jam for this – that you then poke holes in to make it look like a vampire bit into them.  Theoretically, the jam will run out the holes a bit and look like blood.

bat cookie completed

Voila!! Vampire Bat Bite Cookies!

And when that doesn’t happen, just enlarge one ‘tooth’ hole and add a little jam with a toothpick to make it look gory.

So, could I do it twice?  I mean find another peanut-free treat to make for the party?


Apparently, I can.

These are sooooooo easy.  Cut a big marshy-mallow in half (wet the knife, it’ll be easier), dunk the halves in water for a second and then drop into a bag of colored sugar and give it a shake.  Top with a drop of green icing for the stem.

I figured two for two was good, so I wasn’t going to try again.

But my oldest is bold and brave….


And so are her kids!


And why do I keep hearing Lloyd Christmas shouting “I GOT WORMS!” in my head?

Yes, those perfectly creepy kids are two of my gran-chillun’  Their mama has instilled the love of all things Halloween-y in them.

I’m very proud.

Also, I want the little guy’s t-shirt.

So have a spook-tacular Halloween, and if you come to my daughter’s house I’m the witch with the long black hair and the creepy cackle.

Don’t get too close, I hear children go good with worms and bloody bats.

I’ll get you my pretty! And your little dog, too!