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Yeah, it makes sense after you watch this.



Apparently I Make a Terrible Overpaid Receptionist, Or Something

As an executive admin I had to relieve our receptionist at lunch from time to time when I worked for Major Retailer at their corporate headquarters.

This is how the phone exchanges went every time:

ME: Thank you for calling Major Retailer, how may I direct your call?

CALLER: Is Mr. Bigshot there?

ME: May I ask who’s calling?

CALLER: Mr. Biggershot

ME: One moment,please.

Then, I’d hit the “HOLD” button and everything that just took place would disappear from my brain.

Sometimes, I had to go back to the caller 2-3 times before I’d retain the information long enough to transfer the call to the right person.

Before too long, I was permanently relieved from receptionist relief.

I never have figured out why.  My guess is they paid me too much to sit up at the front desk and take calls.

Everybody Got Their Tissues? Trust Me, You Will Need Them…

…in 3…..2……1


Because DOG! And Sick! And Birthdays!

Ugh…no time to explain but last week:

I got the plague of a thousand deaths and am still trying to recover.

There was a major screw up at work, not by me but affecting my guys, and I’m still trying to recover.

I spent Sunday at a kid’s birthday party and my hearing is still trying to recover.

We got a dog on Saturday, and she doesn’t know how to dog yet, and I may never recover.

Let’s Play a Game!

What do I detest more than being sick?





Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait For It……..

wait for it