Daily Archives: December 3, 2013

In Other News…

The frantic OMG!! GUESS WHAT???!!! text from baby girl Saturday night gave me a start.  I was thinking either a) she was pregnant or b) she won the lottery or c) I won the lottery and didn’t realize it.

But, no.

After my equally frantic WHAT? WHAT?  text back, she sent this:

“Paul Walker is DEAD! He was only 40!”

To which I replied:

“That would probably mean something if I had a clue who he was.”

To which she did not reply.  No doubt shocked I didn’t have a clue who he was.

Then I asked Uncle Google, and he told me that Mr. Walker was an actor and he made movies about fast car.  Not so ironically, he died in a fast car.

It’s tragic, but more tragic is his 15-yr. old daughter left behind and the 8-yr. old son of the driver who upon witnessing the accident apparently attempted to pull his daddy from the wreckage. 

That’s fecked up.  Big time.

In other news, several thousand (or maybe hundred, I’m too lazy to actually look it up) also died on that day in car crashes and while it’s tragic when anyone dies too soon, too young, let’s remember it’s just as tragic for the not-so-famous and their families.

Drive safe out there people, and remember that cars don’t behave IRL like you see in the movies.  Not. At. All.