Daily Archives: January 22, 2014

On the Awesomesauce of Magic

The call from my oldest daughter, K,  regarding her oldest daughter, B,  (my oldest granddaughter – she’s 8) went like this:

K: Mom?  I have a question to ask you.

ME: Okay.

K: Some of B’s classmates are telling her that the characters in movies like “Frozen” and the fairies in “Tinkerbell” aren’t real.   She asked me if that was true, and I stumbled. I didn’t know what to say.

ME: So what did you say?

K: I asked her what she thought.

(ugh…I hate that answer..always have always will…it ranks right up there with, “because I said so” and is about as useful..but I didn’t tell K this)

ME: And?

K: She just shrugged. What would you have told her?

what would I have said…a million things about magic and belief and I’d of gone on and on, just like I did when K asked me these questions a thousand years ago…

ME: I would have said of course those people are real.

K: How do you explain that, when we know they are not real.

ME: Do we?

K: What?

ME: Do we know, without a doubt, that fairies that help little boys and princesses that freeze things are not real?

K: Ummm….

ME: Exactly my point.  We choose not to believe, and when we do that I think we lose a little bit of the magic in our souls.

K: Oh, mom…this is why I call you.

ME: *chuckling*

K: I’m going to have B call you, okay?

ME: Okay.

Later that afternoon, my phone rings…

ME: Hello.

B: Hi Grammy.

ME: Hi B, how are you?

B: Fine. Umm, Grammy are Elsa and Anna real?

(my mind races…”Elsa?”…”Anna?”…before I realize they must be the princesses in “Frozen”)

ME: Yes.

B: Oh…how do you know?

ME: B, the characters in the movies aren’t the ‘real’ fairies, or princesses or what have you.  Do you think every ‘Santa’ you see in a movie is the real Santa? Of course not.  The real Santa, and the real fairies and princesses are far too busy with important things to take time to make a movie.

B: Then who is in the movie?

ME: The movies are based on these people, but played by actors who spend time with them and study them so they can be realistic. 

B: Okay…thanks, bye!

Just like that, the conversation was over and a little bit of magic was restored to a tender soul still wanting to believe. 

And, who knows, maybe that little bit of magic spread to an old soul, making her feel the awesomesauce of it all once again.