It’s Not Just Fat Tuesday…

…a day for which I am amply prepared year-round.

Oh no, kids…it’s also Paczki Day!

Celebrate with me…

This little baby contains 500 calories, but who cares?

This little baby contains 500 calories, but who cares?

So after the paczki, we can work off the extra calories by racing to the top of the stairs and out onto our balconies in N’awlins, and throw beads at people.

See, here I thought that was a Mardi Gras tradition, and all this time it was people working off the pile o’ paczkis they ate.

It’s all in preparation for Lent, a very important religious observance for some.  My husband suggested we participate in Lent this year.  I don’t know why, we aren’t Catholic.  I told him I was all for it, and suggested we give up ‘sacrifice’ for Lent.

I sacrifice paczki all year long.  I think, during Lent, I should give up that particular sacrifice.  I also sacrifice leisure time for work, I’d like to reverse that trend, too.

He walked away muttering to himself about how I don’t understand the concept.

Clearly, the man does not understand the concept of ‘sacrifice’. 


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  1. Geez, Awesome, do you happen to be Polish ?

  2. Maybe he should give up criticizing his wife’s brilliant ideas. Sheesh! It’s like he doesn’t even want to make an effort at religious observances.


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