I Accidentally Prove My Point

The convo after one of the Dallas Stars hockey player ‘died’ on the bench before the game the other night between the hubs and I went something like this:

Hubs: So, isn’t that what you have? An irregular heartbeat?

Me: Well, yeah, sort of. But I take meds.

Hubs: So does he.

Me: And, I’m as careful as I can be about it.

Hubs: The dude’s surrounded by trainers and doctors. He can’t fart without someone analyzing it.

Me: Yes, but he’s young and thinks he’s invincible.

Hubs: And he’s an athlete!

Me: And you wonder why I don’t work out more often.

I believe I’ve just made the case for couch-potatoism. My work here is done.

p.s. I’m not making light of anyone’s health issues, and being a couch potato is not right for everyone – consult your physician first.

p.p.s. The player is recovering nicely, and I’m happy for  him and his family.

p.p.p.s. I don’t have anything else to say, I just wanted to type another post-script.

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  1. What a reasonable argument for couch-potatoism! I’m with you! 🙂


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