Alllllrightyyyy Then

I joined Angie’s List recently, and was looking over some recommendations for pain management doctors.

Not that I’m unhappy with my current doctor, but one must keep their options open.

Most were chiropractors or rheumatologists, with a sprinkling of anesthesiologists (yes, please just put me to sleep so I don’t feel the pain), and so on.

That’s all well and good, and please don’t think I’m down on which doctor anyone chooses.  If it works for you, great.  Go for it.

It’s just that, for me, I need an MD or DO who understands my pain issues and how to manage them  – preferably with a combination of chemicals and massage or physical therapy.  A glass of wine helps too.

Which is why I don’t think I’ll be going to Dr. Wacky* anytime soon.

One of his patient reviews included this:

“I just love Dr. Wacky! I especially loved his advice to ‘forgive’ my tumor. I did and it worked! My pain level has significantly decreased! I’ll definitely be going back!”

This person was not being sarcastic.

He/she was also not the only one who referred to forgiveness as part of Dr. Wacky’s pain management protocol.


*I may have changed that name, to protect the whack-job  doctor in question.

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  1. We have similar opinions on this 😀

  2. Oh; almost forgot. Instead of wine, I prefer 100 proof Appleton Estate or Monymusk Estate rum. (Great for whatever ails you) I’d forgive my tumor too under their influence. 😀

  3. I like the way you think :D! Massage therapy and wine? With a smattering of chemicals? YES PLEASE!

  4. I don’t see what’s so wacky about that. Have you forgiven your fibromyalgia? Have you become friends with it? Lent it your car? I hope you never taunt or make fun of it (especially not in front of other diseases). Maybe you should help it find a job in another state, and pay its moving expenses.


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