So Close!


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  1. I hate that too. Because of that rubbish, I have to write the thing down somewhere. Why don’t they just allow us to use stuff we will easily remember such the square root of 2 to 32 places after the decimal point:


  2. I started incorporating combinations of letters and numbers or symbols which lets me use familiar words that mean something to me. All I do is replace certain letters with symbols – like using a $ for an s or a zero for an O. It’s still a word I will remember but it isn’t a real word. I don’t know if that’s helpful or not but there you have it, FWIW.

  3. I hear you, sister!

    I have access to lots of password-protected systems at my job, and I kid you not, a few of them actually require 18 characters, including two upper case, two lower case, two numerical, two special characters, and I think two Martian letters. Oh, and no repeating characters. They even check a huge database before accepting a new password, and they’ll reject anything that resembles a word or part of a word, forward or backward, in any human language. Seriously.

    Someone did the math and found that with 18 characters, each of which could be any of the 75 or 80 possibilities, the number of passwords you could make is like 10 to the 57th power or something. It’s about a trillion times the number of stars in the universe. Because we need that level of security for these stupid web apps… but I can get cash out of an ATM with a four-digit PIN.


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