In Which I Find Out I’ve Been Using the Wrong Criteria For Buying a Purse

I always thought a purse should be functional, comfortable, large enough to hold all my crap important stuff, and pretty.


Turns out, I was wrong.


The most important criteria for purse buying is how well it goes with my Victoria’s Secret lingerie while I’m performing with the Bolshoi.


dancing bag


Posted on May 6, 2014, in Awesomesauce, What the flippity-flop? and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Wow. If that’s how it’s done what is the diaper bag saying about my undergarments? Forget the Bolshoi, I can’t be very graceful carrying baby and diaper bag on one arm and 10 bags of groceries on the other while one boy digs through bags on my arm for gummy snacks and the other keeps handing me transformers because he “Just can’t!”

  2. They need a new stylist. Everyone knows a ballet bag needs to be light in color and aerodynamic. Jeesh!

  3. How about a small purse enough to fit your wallet and keys because after 6 grown kids you are tired of the diaper bag era and carrying all the crap that has made your body all discombobulated.


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