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And That’s How I Unintentionally Saved and Spent $800 in The Same Day

Last week our 2 1/2-yr. old Philips 46″ Flat Screen, LCD, 1080p, 240hz, television went on an acid trip.

We’d turn it on, and after a moment or two, the pictures would go all psychedelic colors and such.

I verified it wasn’t just me seeing it, and concluded that the television had dropped acid.

My husband gave me the side-eye.

“Well, at least that’s what I’d heard it was like.”

He shook his head…his wife may, or may not, have partaken in some 60’s psychedelic culture but that paled in comparison to the fact that his beloved Philips 46″ Flat Screen, LCD, 1080p, 240hz, television now seemed to be on a permanent trip.

“Maybe it’s the cable box,” I said, trying to be helpful, “let’s have a tech come out here and swap them out before we go assuming a television that’s only a couple of years old has gone on the fritz.”

So, we did.

That’s when things went horribly awry.

A young tech, bearing a striking resemblance to every young man I’d ever met in the 60’s (what is with me and the 60’s all of a sudden?), came to the house and powered up the Philips 46″ Flat Screen, LCD, 1080p, 240hz, television, simultaneously oohing and aahhing over hubby’s impressive man-cave interior decorations.

The television powered up, dropped acid, and psychedelic-ishness (it’s a word..now) ensued.

“Yep, it’s probably the HDMI interface on the flux-capacitor.” The tech said, or something like that I’m not technical.

So, the tech went and got a new box and cable and came back in the house, this time with his driver/helper in tow, and proceeded to swap stuff out while the driver/helper oohed and aahhed over hubby’s man-cave.

The task accomplished, the tech hit the power button on the television.

Nothing happened, except the blue standby light flashed.

And flashed.

And flashed.

It appeared, after several attempts, that the last acid trip had been a fatal one.

Our 2 1/2-yr. old Philips 46″ Flat Screen, LCD, 1080p, 240hz, television was dead and gone.

Hubby mourned.

The tech was visibly shaken, and I didn’t know why until he mumbled something about “an incident report”.  That sounded ominous, so I asked him what that meant.

“It means that since ‘we’ (as in we the cable company) were the last to touch the television, and it was working when we got here, then ‘we’ will take responsibility for replacing the television.”

“Oh…but…” Hubby shot me ‘the look’ and I stopped.

What I was going to say, though, was I didn’t see how swapping a cable box would kill a television.

But, I’m not technical, and maybe the flux-capacitor is touchier than I thought, so there’s that.

The tech and his helper left shortly thereafter, and I found a repairman to come out that day to see if our 2 1/2-yr. old Philips 46″ Flat Screen, LCD, 1080p, 240hz, television could be saved.

The two repair techs disassembled the back, placed testers on various components, clucked their tongues a lot and proceeded to shake their heads.

It appeared, the older one said, that our worst fears were realized. The television had gone to the big remote in the sky.

The good news was the part that failed, the main board, could be replaced.

There was rejoicing in the kingdom.

Except every television made around the same time as ours must have used the same main board because none were to be had, and no one was making any more. Ever.

“It is the company’s way of forcing you into buying a new television.” The tech added, not helpfully.

So, the television techs left and we proceeded to search online for a replacement television.

Guess what you can’t find anymore?

A Philips 46″ Flat Screen, LCD, 1080p, 240hz, television.

You can get a 48” flat screen, but then it’s LED, not LCD, and it’s 120hz, not 240 hz.

You can get a 240hz, but only in LED, and then it’s a Samsung.

You can get an LCD, but then it’s a ginormous screen and too big for our needs, or it’s a tiny screen and too small for the space.

Searching for hours, only to be disappointed time and again, we finally settled on a 48” Samsung, LED, SMART, television on sale for $799.

And, it was shown to be in stock at our local Best Buy.

Again, there was much rejoicing in the kingdom.

I called the store, and repeated the SKU number for the helpful clerk.

“Oh, the Samsung 48”, right?”

“Yes, the site indicates you have them in stock.”

“Yes, let me check inventory.”

*horrid hold music plays*

“Ma’am?” the clerk said getting back on the line, “we show those to be on backorder.”

“Do you have an expected ship date?”