Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

Lies, Damned Lies, and More Lies

Remember just yesterday, when I told you about the busted television?

And how the ‘incident report’ was supposed to be filed so we could make a claim against the cable company?

Yeah, it didn’t happen.

The incident report, not the bustage.

I was the one who had to call in the incident report, on Monday the 16th, and then yesterday I called on the status and spoke to a customer service supervisor named “Frank” (yeah, right…I’ve worked in call centers before and if his name was “Frank” then mine’s Xenia, Keeper of Figtail Feifings).

Frank: Hi, I’m Frank and understand you are checking on the status of an incident report?

Me: Yes.

Frank: I’m reviewing the notes, and it looks like the technician’s supervisor filed the claim on Monday.

Me: No, he didn’t.

Frank: Excuse me?

Me: I filed the claim, because when I called on Monday there was no record of it.

Frank: Oh, well ma’am I’m just reading the notes.

Me: And someone is lying. That ‘someone’ not being me.

Frank: Uh…well, I do see here that you called on Monday to check on it.

Me: And?

Frank: The claims person noted that he called you and left a voicemail on Tuesday, the 17th.

Me: That’s two.

Frank: Ma’am?

Me: Two lies. No one called me, and no one left a voicemail. So, actually, that’s three lies.

Frank: Ma’am, the notes say he called (my home number, which we never use) and left a message to call him.

Me: Impossible. That phone has no answering machine, nor voicemail.

Frank: Well, Ma’am I’m just reading notes.

Me: You’re spouting lies, granted they are not your lies, but lies nonetheless. And, further, he just called once and that’s it? What did he think was going to happen?  That I’d just go away? I’m out an $800 television. Not likely I’d just let that go.

Frank: Uh…

Me: How about this…I give you a good number to use and you have whoever call me on it?

I give him my cell number

Frank: Thank you, and I will get this message to the claims supervisor right away.

Me: Isn’t it nice to know you work with people who lie?

Frank: Ummm….

Me: I’m not saying you are one of them, but then given the track record of your company just this week alone, how do I know?

Frank: Ma’am, I see you’ve been a customer for over 20 years and I assure you….

Me: (cutting him off) Never mind the assurance, just handle this issue.

Frank: Yes, Ma’am..

And, I hung up.

I can take most of the world’s idiocy, but I cannot handle liars.

They make me all stabbity.

Oh, and guess who called me an hour later to schedule an appointment to come out and settle the claim?