Sometimes a great notion ***WARNING – May be triggers ahead, I don’t know I don’t suffer depression***

Ever have an idea that you couldn’t shake?  A feeling, maybe playing at the edge of your consciousness that constantly reaches in and tickles your brain, making you lose track on the highway and almost miss your exit?  Okay, maybe the last part only happened to me, but you know what I mean.

So on April 11th, Robin Williams, the brilliant actor and comedian died.  He couldn’t see a reason to go on anymore, so he didn’t, he came to the end of his rope…literally.   And, while I’m not a person who gets all wrapped up in the life of a celebrity, this time it stuck with me for longer than I expected.  It was because this celebrity suffered from depression; the lying, evil, conniving bitch that affects millions of people.  And if someone so beloved as Robin Williams felt worthless and hopeless, unloved and unlovable, then how do ordinary people struggling with this wretched disease live on day to day?

I pondered these things as I sat on the couch absently petting my beautiful rescue dog, Josey.  Her fur was so soft, her presence a calming influence…

Calming? Influence?

Wait…there was a flicker in a far corner of my brain, so I went to investigate.

Unfortunately, I got distracted by the rather large pet bed I promised to crochet and donate to a local dog rescue group for a fundraiser in three weeks.  Three weeks, people!  *hyperventilates*

Dog. Rescue. Group.

Calming. Dog. Rescue.

There was that flicker again.  This time, I turned to face it and watched the scene play out in my head.

What if the difference in hopeful and hopeless for a person suffering depression was a dog?

Then, this morning, my “Daily Deal” from Audible. Com – and if you are not a member, go join now, I’ll wait….

Back so soon?  What’s your first read?  Mine was “A Kiss Before Dying”…awesome book.

But, I digress.

My daily deal today was “Izzy and Lenore”, by Jon Katz.   I’d never heard of the author, but one listen to the sample play and I was mesmerized. The man writes about rescue dogs, and how they affect lives, lives filled with challenges from dementia to I don’t know what.  I bought the book, “Liked” his Facebook page, and asked to join the creative group that’s an offshoot of his Bedlam Farm.

I thought back to Josey, and how my life has changed because of her.  She’s a feral rescue, and she requires so much patience, love, understanding, and time that I’ve had to change.  I’ve had to become quieter, calmer, more understanding.

There were those words again: dog, rescue, calm.

So far, I’ve formed the idea fully in my head but the details are wherein lies the devil.

In broad terms, I’d love to find a way to connect people struggling with depression with a way up and out of the abyss.

I have a lot of research to do first.

You’ll just have to stay tuned to see if I can make this happen.


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  1. Go CJ! Go CJ! Count me in to help spread the word. I wish I was in a place to promise funding but my big mouth will have to do the helping. This is a FABULOUS idea!

  2. You’re on to something CJ. I am a long time depression sufferer. ‘The Beast’ is what I’ve called it for years. It’s a liar and a soul stealer, telling you you’re worthless, unlovable, and a burden to your loved ones and the world. It’s so difficult to fight because you must fight with what it robs you of- your mind. It’s like being expected to run a marathon with no legs.

    Through the years I’ve found my best therapy and comfort through my dogs. They could make me smile when nothing else could. Stroking their hair, playing with them, even just caring for them did as much for me as meds and MD’s have. I lost my rescue Cocker almost 2 years ago. I’d give anything to have another one but my health is so bad right now.

    Bless you CJ. For someone who has never dealt with the beast, you get it. Those of us who have know how rare that is.

    And bless Robin Williams, who made us smile even though he was so tortured. I hope he has found peace.


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