Not a Real Post Anyway, Just Me Whining

So, been having like the solar flare of fibromyalgia flares in the last…oh, I don’t know, month? Two months?

I lose all track of time sometimes.

Anyway, it builds like anticipation before a big date, only less fun and with lots more pain, and then the crash arrives and the waves of pain knock my ass down.

That’s where I’ve been.

Where I am.

Even my hair hurts.

But the worst part is the rib pain.  My rib joints get inflamed, and then it hurts to breathe so I decide feck it I’m just not going to breathe anymore and that lasts about thirty seconds before my brain kicks my ass and tells me what a dumbshit I am, and of course we are going to breathe so I take a deep breath and shriek/cry from the pain.

It’s exhausting, and I really think my brain should stop arguing with me and let me run the show, but does she listen?  Hells no.

She insists I do things like breathe.


So nothing seems funny, nothing seems interesting, and everything makes me stabbity.  This is not a good time to piss me off.

Just sayin’

So, say something to make me laugh…wait, scratch that…say/do something to make me smile so I can forget this shit for a minute.

I promise I’ll be back as soon as my body stops trying to murder me in my sleep (and in my awake for that matter).

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  1. Oh CJ I’m so sorry honey, take care of yourself. I realize you have dealt with this for a long time and have probably tried a LOT of different treatment protocols. I learned only recently that my daughter was diagnosed. Shortly after that I saw this book at my naturopath’s office: I don’t know how to make a link work here so please copy & paste it if you want to see the book.

    I was amazed at what this doctor said and the results he was seeing. Even though I know the last thing you probably want is someone telling you to check out yet ANOTHER treatment, I couldn’t not share this. If there’s any chance at all that it could help you I had to at least put it on the table. I already bought a copy and sent it to my daughter, I felt that strongly about it.

    Big hugs my friend; feel better soon!

  2. Thanks, Bubbe, and don’t be offended but anytime someone tells me they have a ‘revolutionary!! and amazing!! and secret!!’ new treatment for fibro I’m skeptical. The guafinisein (sp?) in this is nothing new, and I’ve tried it. I think it’s better for treating CFS. I have it, to a lesser degree (thank God!), but it’s pain that’s my nemesis. Thank you, though, I understand you are trying to help. I hope it works for your daughter.


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