I Feel Stoopid…Oh So Stoopid…I Feel Stoopid and Loopid and Frayed!`

I LOVE  “The Argyle Sweater”, except when I don’t.

And I don’t, today, because I donnnnn’t gettt it!  Waaaaaaaaaah!

Go ahead, point, laugh, tell me how a child could figure it out.

I’m just going to go over to the corner and cry.

Posted on September 30, 2014, in Guess You Had to Be There and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Took me a minute but isn’t that Krazy Glue in the padded room? No laughing here; I was having trouble too!

  2. She came “unglued.” And don’t feel bad under normal circumstances I wouldn’t get it either, except I’m one “crisis” away from being in that straight jacket myself so I can relate to the unglued glue.

    • See it just now hit me and I’m blushing at the computer. Krazy glue! I can never show my face here again. Shrinks away in embarrassment.

  3. Holee Sweet Clothespin Jeebus….Krazy Glue??

    Welp, at least now I can sleep. I do not, however, feel any smarter.

    You guys, though, y’all are fecking geniuses.


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