Why Are My Keys in the Cat Food? Adventures in Fibro Fog

So, after a week of mounting stress – at work we have VIPs visiting so we were cleaning like the EPA had declared this place a hazardous waste site,  and at home – where years of arguments between the front of my house and the back of my house resulted in their actively trying to move away from one another (honestly, I don’t know what started it, but I suspect the front bedroom hated the color green it was painted and wanted the green the master got but it didn’t warrant that level of green, because…Master Bedroom) in opposite directions, causing what we lovingly referred to as “living on a fault line”, but what is in truth called “foundation settling” caused the sewage piping under the house to sag and no longer do its job, unless its job was now depositing sewage in showers, sinks, toilets, etc. resulting in a frighteningly expensive repair and huge mess of my yard – I suddenly developed the motha of all fibro flares.

This one was complete with the worst case of fibro fog I have ever had.

In one day, I…..put the dog outside and forgot about her for two hours, spent about 5 minutes looking all over the house for her (she’s a GSD, so kinda hard to misplace if you are not me), panicked because I couldn’t find her, finally opened the back door where she stood waiting to come in, hot and thirsty….asked the boss the same question, three times in a row (yeah, try to explain that without sounding like you’ve been drinking at lunch), put my keys inside the bag of cat food – and I wasn’t even feeding him at the time, nearly left the house shoeless, did leave the house without my breakfast smoothie, and completely forgot when I last took my meds so went hours in agony because I was afraid I’d OD if I took any more, slept three hours after work and then when I woke up I could not put two words together coherently, finally fell into bed at 8:30 (this after a three hour nap, mind you), and prayed the next day would be better.

And, it was.

Except….anyone seen my keys?  Oh, right, check the cat food.

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