This interwebby thing, or whatever it is that the kids are calling it these days, has its own language.  A slang term for nearly everything has been invented.

It’s not your mama’s interwebby, that’s for sure, and for those of us who didn’t grow up all OMG and WTF, there’s a lot of catching up/on to be done.

Some things, though, I may never get.

You really don’t want to know how long it took me to figure out this one:


Or this;


And this one from a girls’ little makeup kit (which had a geisha on the lid and isn’t technically an IS, but it took me weeks to figure out):

Mih Soh Preetee

I still can’t remember what this one is sometimes:


And I’ve finally gotten comfortable with using these:


But, I still do not know what this means:


I send a loooooooooong text, and that’s what I get back? Does it mean ‘okay’, and ‘I’m too lazy to type the rest of the word’?  Or is it, ‘You’re not worth the time to write ‘okay’, so I’m just using one letter’?  Or is it, ‘This is symbolic of my passive-aggressive attitude towards your last text, and up yours?’

That’s one I may never know the answer to.


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  1. I’m supposed to know what these things mean because I fall in that generation of all things tech. But alas I am left feeling as though I should have been born a century earlier. I still write long texts and I use punctuation. But when I’m really perplexed in translating a text or post or one of those tweety things, I go to the interweb and this particular webnet is helpful. 😉

  2. I have no idea what FML, SMH or SMDH mean so you’re way ahead of me. I’m off to check out the website for interpretation!

  3. janey – FMA is f*ck my life, SMH is shaking my head, and SMDH is shaking my damned head. Because, it’s too hard to type all that…SMH.

  4. I’m at a loss too for some of those. We also have Jamaican ones:

    DWL :”Ded wid laff” (ie, “Dying of laughter”)
    BOBDL: “Buss out a big dutty laff” (ie “Burst out with outrageous laughter”


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