Daily Archives: September 24, 2015

By This Time I Don’t Even Know What We Are Arguing About

It started with a statement from a MAJOR CARRIER, let’s call it FredFlex, asking why my company’s location hadn’t paid our bill for $100.

I haz  a confused.  I never see these bills.  They are paid by the guy in shipping on his company credit card.

I sent an e-mail to the guy who arranged the shipping.

He haz a confused.

He said the sender was paying.

The sender said the receiver was paying.

This was all e-mail and by this time I was caught in the ‘reply all’ loop, so I popped some corn to watch the tennis match.

But sender should pay…

No, receiver…

Well, I’m not paying….

Neither am I…….

It dawned on me that I’m technically the receiver, so I might need to pay attention.

Only by this time I wasn’t sure who was supposed to do what, so I kept munching on the popcorn.

We’re on hour six of the battle, and for a while it looked like sender had the lead.

Now I’m not so sure.

And, I don’t even remember the original argument any more.

Such is the excitement that is my life. And the stupidity I bear witness to once in a while.

Damn, I’m out of popcorn.