And Uh-One, And Uh-Two…

I love music.

No, I mean I really, really love music.

I have two genres that are tops on my list.

#1 – Blues and Swing; from Billie Holiday to Voodoo Daddy

#2 – Celtic; from the Celtic Women to..well, everyone else, it’s not a large pool here in the States

Numbers three through elebenty-hunnert include gospel, classic rock, Rat Pack, and country.

The other day, as I was shopping, I was listening to Pandora radio on my headset.  I have one station called “Thumbprint”.  It’s fairly new (to me), but I’m sure you kids have seen it.  It takes music you’ve “thumbed up” and lumps it all together in one station.

(An aside, you young’uns don’t remember but back in the day radio stations were mostly AM and most of them played a wide variety of music.  It wasn’t until electricity came along, and FM was born, that specific stations with specific music were created.)

I was getting my groceries to the crooning voices of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, and tapping my feet to the huge sounds of Voodoo Daddy and Brian Setzer.

I was in the produce aisle when a beautiful hymn called “Down To The River to Pray”, sung by the incomparable Alison Krauss, came on and I stopped and closed my eyes for a second.

Then I started to sing.

You know how when you have headphones on you think you’re being really quiet when, in fact, you’re being exceedingly loud and everyone around you notices only you don’t because you’re so caught up in the moment and sure at any second someone from a major label is going to spring up from the fruit display and offer you a million dollar contract on the spot because you’re the most amazing singer since singing was invented and angels weep every time you use those pipes?

Well, let me tell you, it’s every bit as interesting as finding out you left the house without pants again.  Except with fewer recording contracts.

Totally busted while belting out a song in the middle of the produce aisle?  Can check that one off my bucket list.


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  1. I sing in my car to the radio and for some reason I can’t control my own volume when John Pardi’s ‘Head over Boots’ or Frankie Ballard’s ‘Helluva Life’ make their way over the airwaves. I would probably be the crazy ipod singing lady if I had one. It would be really awesome, me walking on my lunch break through town, stopping to belt out “I’m here to pick you up and I hope I don’t let you down…” while passing the old men that sit at the benches on the square.

  2. I listen to classical music during my morning walk around the neighborhood. I used to play violin in school and the love of this music lives on. It’s not unusual for me to be singing along – dum daa dum, dum – or to be conducting the orchestra. The neighbors are used to it and often ask what I’m listening to.

  3. I don’t listen to music with headphones. I listen to whatever is playing loudly enough for me to hear, which means that I sing along to whatever is playing, because, let’s face it, I know just about every song every written (as long as it was written back when music was good, so we’re talkin’ Great American Songbook through Classic Rock through Disco). I am unashamed and unabashed. I often say, in response to the feedback I get from my “captive” adoring public, “oh, you can’t STOP me singin’!”

    I honestly don’t care if the miraculous record contract never materializes. You can’t STOP me singin’!

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