I DID It!!

I made it through a nearly 2-hr shopping trip, at my favorite grocery store without:

  1. Singing very loudly, and off key, in the produce section – or any other section for that matter.
  2. Responding to a phone call/text with a blue streak of profanity that looked like I was berating myself

I did dance a little jig when I realized my accomplishments, though. And, no I didn’t do that in the store.  I did that in the parking lot to some wide-berth stares.

But, that doesn’t count, right? Right?

happy feet

Posted on June 9, 2016, in Awesomesauce, Guess You Had to Be There, Random Crap and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I did pretty well too. Until. They played Tequila. I looked around, and not one person was doing the Pee Wee Herman Dance. I tried not to dance, but I failed. The world needs more me and yous. Don’t hold back, Boo 🙂

  2. You GO, Grrl! Or not. I really don’t think store management can kick you out for singing “too” loudly in the produce section. Swearing at or into my phone is a problem for me, too, but if I’m singing “too” loudly, I’m probably not swearing, so there’s that!

  3. We gotta take our little victories whatever way we can. Congratulations to you for doing it!


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