It’s All About Me, Of Course!

I am a world-class smart ass.

I use humor to deflect, to cope, to connect with others.

*pokes self*

I’m real.

I exist, therefore I write…about everything..all the time.  Other writers will understand, the rest of the world shakes their head and mutters “crazy” under their breath.

Since I’m also computer-retarded, and can’t figure out how to put my e-mail address on the main page, if by some chance you’d like to contact me to offer me a fabulous book deal, a starring role opposite Hugh Jackman in…anything…or want to sponsor my site, I can be reached at:

  1. You have officially taken over the top dog honors as my favorite blog of all time. Heck, you’re even funnier than Erma Bombeck, who’s been my favorite humorist for thirtysomething years.

    My son keeps walking past me and peering over my shoulder whanting to know what’s so funny it has me crossing my ribs and holding my legs. I keep saying “Found a new blog. She’s hilarious.” which he is definately not satisfied with. But I can’t read anything out loud to him because I can’t read and belly snort at the same time. Gives me sinus enemas.


    • Gosh, Cheri….I’m…well, I could say I’m delighted and thrilled and humbled, but that’s what *all* bloggers say, don’t they?

      Ahem…uh…*looks down at feet, kicks rock*

      Looks like I’ve left myself with nothing to say.

      How about, thank you? Yes, that sounds about right. Thank you. Really. No, really. I still laugh till I cry when I read anything my beloved (and favorite of all time) Erma wrote, so to be compared to her is just…wow.. thank you.

      Now, go out and tell ALL your friends! I wanna grow this baby! 😉

  2. There are few things more charming than an awesome writer who is humble. 🙂 Or a funny, funny lady who is touched by a sincere compliment.

    I just told all my Facebook friends about this blog and provided a link. I hope they check it out and spread the word for you, but… I really believe you are going to go far with this. You are THAT good. I also hope they enjoy your writing as much as I do.

    I’ve read all of Erma’s books so many times I know them by heart. And I still read them. (Station Wagons… Ho! )

    Good day to you!


  3. Testing again…

    • You are seeing this, right? I mean I just have to approve you once..and you don’t have to go through that annoying “Click on each picture with a fluglebinder in it”.

      • LOL…I didn’t see that my other messages came through so I made a wordpress account thinking the google account wasn’t working for whatever reason. Let’s just say #impatience 🙂

  4. YEA! Ok so I had to make a wordpress account, because for some reason it wouldn’t let me post with my google account until I created one…soooo…now you get all of my SUPER comments on your blog.


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